Sunday, November 10, 2019

A year since Abingdon's last Bun Throwing event

Looking back at the last Bun Throwing in Abingdon-on-Thames.

Bun Throwing in Abingdon

Last November the town of Abingdon marked 100 years since the end of the First World War with a Bun Throwing in the market place.

Bun Throwing in Abingdon

The Bun Throwing was the 35th event since 1761. The last Bun Throwing held before the 2018 event was to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday in 2016.

The special Bun Throwing brought people together to commemorate the end of hostilities and celebrated the return of the soldiers at the end of the conflict.

At 2pm the first of a total of 5,000 currant buns were thrown by local dignitaries and soldiers from the top of the old County Hall to the crowd of thousands of townsfolk in the Market Place below.

I wonder what and when the next occasion will be celebrated with a Bun Throwing...?

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