Friday, April 22, 2011

"Rejoicing Buns"

Re-reading the book 'Oxfordshire: A Pocket Guide' (by Carole Chester) there is a mention of the Abingdon tradition of Bun Throwing on page 13 in the Gazetteer section.

Interestingly the tradition is described as "The curious custom of tossing 'Rejoicing buns' from the roof on special occasions...". I've never heard of the event's buns being called 'Rejoicing buns' before. It also states the events have taken place since 1820, rather than the recorded date of the first Bun Throw in Abingdon in 1761.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Bun Throwing Events I Have Attended in Abingdon 1981-2006

Of the 31 Recorded Bun Throwing Events held in Abingdon between 1761 and 2006 I have attended all of those held since 1981, a total of eleven.

The next Bun Throw will take place later this month, to celebrate the Royal Wedding.

1981 Marriage of the Prince of Wales to Lady Diana Spencer
1986 Marriage of the Duke of York to Sarah Ferguson
1987 40th Wedding Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II
1990 Queen Mother’s 90th Birthday
1995 50th Anniversary of VE Day
1997 50th Wedding Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II
2000 Millennium
2000 Queen Mother’s 100th Birthday
2002 Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II
2006 450th Anniversary of Abingdon Charter/Queen Elizabeth II’s Official Birthday
2006 450th Anniversary of Abingdon Charter/Visit by Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal

Recorded Bun Throwings in Abingdon 1761-2006

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Raffle Tickets Received to "Be a Bun Thrower" at the 32nd Abingdon Bun Throwing

I have received my five Raffle Tickets for the chance to join the dignitaries at the 32nd Abingdon Bun Throwing event to celebrate the upcoming Royal Wedding.

The Bun Throw will be taking place at 6pm on Friday 29th April 2011.

You can find out more about the Abingdon Tradition of Bun Throwing, and purchase the Raffle Tickets, at the Abingdon County Hall Museum website.