Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bun Throwing in Abingdon confirmed for Friday 29th April 2011

It has been confirmed that the 32nd Abingdon Bun Throwing event will take place in the town's Market Place at 6pm on Friday 29th April.

A total of 4000 currant buns will be thrown from the roof of the old County Hall building from 6pm, with entertainment starting at 4.45pm.

The celebration event will mark the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The first Abingdon Bun Throwing event took place in 1761 to mark the Coronation of George III.

This year's Bun Throwing will be slightly different to others for two reasons. Firstly the Museum/Old County Hall building is undergoing refurbishment, and secondly as the Abingdon Museum Appeal Raffle are holding a raffle, with the winners receiving two tickets to join the Mayor and Councillors throwing buns from the roof of the Abingdon County Hall Museum!

This is an oppportunity no Abingdonian can miss out on - I've got my raffle ticket order in. The closing date for the sale of tickets is Tuesday 12th April, with the draw taking place on Friday 15th April. Tickets cost just £1 each or £5 for a book and can be purchased at the Abingdon Visitor & Community Information Centre or by downloading and completing the form here.

There are also plans for a Bun Throwing in 2012, to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee as monarch.

Bun Throwing to Celebrate Royal Wedding 29 April 2011

Abingdon Town Council raffle will give two members of public chance to join them in traditional bun-throwing to celebrate royal wedding