Sunday, June 05, 2016

World Bun Throwing Championships

Check out the Abingdon Blog for a report and photos of the recent World Bun Throwing Championships held in the town.

The contest was the second edition of the event to find the town's best Bun Throwers. The winners are invited to join the Mayor and other dignitaries to throw buns to the townsfolk in the Market Place below at the next Bun Throwing on Saturday 11th June.

I competed in the first World Bun Throwing Championships in 2012. I hit a personal best of 25m 10cm to set (and temporarily hold) the new World Record and clubhouse lead. The record was eventually set at 222 feet (67m) 

This year's winner managed to throw their currant bun over 150 feet.

The 2016 bun throwing will be the 34th since the tradition began in 1761.

On special occasions since then townsfolk have gathered in the marketplace in front of the old county hall in attempt to catch a special hot cross bun. The first event was held to celebrate the coronation of King George III.

The last Bun Throwing was held in 2012 to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

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